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The VNP-100 supports high video quality compression for advanced video surveillance and homeland security applications. The VNP-100´s multiple advantages make it a natural choice for government agencies and private enterprises seeking to equip their surveillance operations with the best encoders and decoders:

• Compact & Rugged: 1RU, half 19” rack width in an industrial enclosure. Easy to fit into cramped quarters and reliable;
• Exceptional Video Quality: Broadcast video quality. Best video quality for digital zoom and facial recognition;
• Fully Standards Compliant: Cross-Platform Compliant. Support for the H.264 standard for compatibility across any platform (PC, tablet, smartphone);
• Fast Picture Retrieval: Support for Intra-only coding at 100Mbps for fast picture retrieval in Picture Archival applications;
• Robust Encoder & Decoder: As low as 256Kbps bit rates and able to handle the most challenging content complexity;
• Dual Camera Connectivity: Dual channel encode. Efficient use of space made possible through double channel density;
• Low Latency: Glass-to-glass latency of 250ms. Convenient pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera manipulation;
• 1/10Gbps Ethernet: Seamless integration into LAN and WAN IP networks.

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