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(Image of TNP-100)

Video Surveillance

The TNP-100 enables ultra low latency, high quality, multi-channel real-time video & audio transmission. The system supports simultaneous video, audio and data communication while maintaining timing correlation between all services. The TNP-100īs multiple advantages make it a compelling choice for government agencies and private enterprises seeking to equip their operations with the best multi-service network access system:

• Compact & Rugged: 1RU, half 19” rack width in an industrial enclosure. Easy to fit into cramped quarters and reliable;
• Flexible I/O: Four reconfigurable multi-service ports. Easily adaptable to a wide range of I/O requirements;
• Digital & Analog Data Acquisition: Wide range of protocols & formats. Seamless connectivity to wide range of digital and analog interfaces. Flat-line response ensures time correlation between services;
• Flexible Network Connectivity: Multiple Gb Ethernet interfaces. Built-in Ethernet Switch enabling service aggregation from multiple Ethernet enabled devices;
• Standards Compliant: IRIG Timing Support. Interoperable with any standards compliant telemetry environment;
• Data & Video Acquisition: Full range of telemetry data. Complete situational awareness;
• Remote Diagnostics: Built-in Self-Test. Integrated BERT (Bit Error Test) generator accessible over the network;
• Low Latency: Video encoding/decoding latency of 2ms. Seamless and natural participation over telemedicine communication links;
• Remote Management: Web GUI and SNMP. User-friendly management interface and standards compliant.

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