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Steffen Rasmussen

Steffen Rasmussen holds an MSEE Degree from the Technical University of Denmark. He is a founder of Iptec Inc, and currently provides key business leadership for the company’s development. Previously Mr. Rasmussen worked 3 years as a Business Consultant engaged with companies in the US and Europe. He held Sr. Vice President of engineering positions for five years at Vivato Inc., and Terawave Communications Inc. successfully leading product and technology development.

Mr. Rasmussen was a founder and CEO of the successful telecommunications ventures Pathway Inc., acquired by ADC Telecommunications Inc. in 1999 and ABL Engineering Inc., which went public in 1993.

Prior to his arrival in the US he held development engineering positions with RE Communications and the Technical University of Denmark pioneering Digital Video, Audio CATV and Telecom Transmission Systems.

He has provided more than 25 years of successful leadership in business and product/technology development in the areas of Digital Wireless and Fiber-optic Communications Systems, as well as Video and Audio Application Processing and Networking Solutions.